March 7 - April 7, 2019

Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven

THU—FRI 16.oo—21.oo / SAT—SUN 13.oo—21.oo


We are a collective of thirteen East Asian designers and artists based at TAC (Temporary Art Center), in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As a dynamic group, we support each other while developing individual work practices. Our different backgrounds create the base for a diverse body of artworks that includes interdisciplinary formats of art, design, film, installation, visuals and performance. Thus, we initiate a platform for questions, reflections and experiments.

Opening Party: MARCH 7 (THU), 08:30 pm at TAC

Vonderweg 1, 5611 BK Eindhoven, the Netherlands

This is a retrospective exhibition and work in progress show focus on East Asian designer/artist’s work practice influenced by our encounter as a floating creator. It is not an exhibition about the end-product neither concrete statements about our roots, it aims to show the thread of thought and the buried influences we’ve got from our chosen place of residence and our journey.

We open up a free zone for questions, reflections and experiments. We disposed our journey as an archeological object and being review by the public as a subject. Questions that will be addressed: What’s our position as migrant creatives? How do we define our character as a cross-culture creator? What are the crucial elements and roots that form us who we are today? The most important question is: How do individual designer/ artist react to the culture shift in their work practice? Together as a collective, we want to open a conversation between people from a different cultural background and challenge ourselves how to deconstruct our personal development as a floating creative and asked to construct again to examine the borders of different areas, groups, knowledge, rules, selfs and time. Each exhibitor provides 4-10 works showing his/her stories based on the framework of time: from previous artworks/inspiration (before leaving their own country), the merging identity in progress, the struggle of identity conflict and academic influences to self-reflection. In short, it’s our “Journey” in social landscapes. We believe our story is not able to be told by individual project, it’s our journey made us become who we are and draw the outline of our collective portraits.

Artists & Designers

CHAN Chaio Chun (TW)
Yen-An CHEN (TW)
Yi-Fei CHEN (TW)
Ishtar HSU (TW)
Sojung IM (KR)
WooJai LEE (NZ/KR)
Pei-Ying LIN (TW)
Timothy LIU (TW)
Masaya KOCHI (JP/FR)
Pao Hui KAO (TW)
Soyoun KIM (KR)

The exhibition was made possible by